Open Studio

Do you have a DIY project in mind that you’ve been dying to make or redo, but don’t have the space? OR you don’t want to go out and buy the 394727 supplies needed to make it?

WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Toast + Timber offers Open Studio Craft time during non-workshop hours. You may use all of our supplies that are available in the studio, just bring your project! Open Studio Craft time will be available by reservation only and will be priced at $10/hour.  

Open Studio Craft time does not include any type of instruction or supervision. All supplies and tools will be handled at your own risk. Items available for use would be everything in our studio excluding wood and stencils (ex: paint, brushes, sand paper, hammers, drills, nails).

Project sizes cannot exceed more than what you can carry yourself and cannot be stored in our studio.

Reservations for Open Studio Craft time must be made through our booking portal. Your card information will be saved through the reservation portal, but you will not be charged until the end of your session during your reserved time.

Click here to reserve your open studio time.